Personally, I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They furnish me with happy feelings of intensity such as I cannot derive from other realms.
- Einstein -

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Card Catalog

Sometimes you don’t know what you are looking for until you find it. Recently at Merchant Square (our favorite antique store (Yes, Steven likes antiquing, not that he will admit that.)) we happened upon a card catalog. For those of you who are either too young or for those of you who never stepped into a library before the desktop computer a card catalog was a box of cards. Located in a library, a card catalog filed book titles on cards using the Dewey Decimal System. We are avid book collectors/lovers so we had to add this to our collection of random projects. On a side note we are still avoiding our New Year Resolution list. We are working on it but we love excuses to avoid it. We’ll give you an update soon.

Steven and I transformed the card catalog into a jewelry box night stand. After visiting Lowes we left with threaded steel rod for the legs and some other fixings to finish the table. We added the legs, adhered a metal top and upholstered the drawers with deep purple velvet. Steven finally has a light on his side of the bed and I have a place to hide my goodies.