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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hanging Table

The kitchen is finally coming together. We tiled last weekend and installed the table this week. The table idea came out of a predicament. When tearing down drywall we discovered that the wall between the kitchen and dining room was load bearing. Never something you want to learn after demolishing the rooms. So we had a two choices. First choice was to hire a structural engineer to design and hang a beam from wall to wall. Big bucks and a lot more time. Second option was to install a post. Against the pleading of family we decided to put a post. I think they did not like to post because they thought we'd walk right into it not noticing a huge post in our way. We knew we had find a creative way to incorporate the post into the kitchen. So we installed a second post thinking to install a table making it a permanent fixture in the kitchen.

Finding a table top was the fun part. I like the decorating and shopping, not particularly the hard labor. Steven had the great idea about a year ago to make a table out of a door. The problem with that is most doors have holes for the door knob already cut out or they have the door knob installed. Luckily on an afternoon drive we came across Passport Imports. They had dining room and coffee tables already constructed out of doors. So we purchased one, sawed off the legs and with the help of my parents (the table weighs as much as a baby elephant) hung the table between two beams.

The hanging table is colorful and unexpected. Just the touch we are always looking for!

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  1. Mom told you guys before you started that it was a load bearing wall!! Lol. I LOVE the door table though, that is incredible!!! Amazing job guys!! And hey, you mint not walk into the huge beams, but I would have!!! Ha!