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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Renovation Chaos

Things are a bit chaotic right now. We decided, out of nowhere, to remodel the kitchen. I took a nap and woke up to Steven proposing that we redo the kitchen. This is despite being midway through updating the yard. I guess I have more time to wait for (stalk) Ahmed Hassan from Yard Crashers at the local home improvement stores on Friday afternoon. Here is where we left the yard a few weeks ago. We bought a Pencil cactus and two Totem Cacti (they look like a giant melted candle as they grow). Add to that a mango tree, two Fan Tex Ash and a quickly growing Cottonwood (I think I want another Cottonwood because they are absolutely beautiful). The rocks are almost gone and we are slowly filling in with a few other small plants.

Back to the kitchen. The remodel was supposed to be a 3.5 possibly 4 week project but it has turned into a 6 week project. At least that is the projection right now. It took 5 days to demo the entire kitchen and we’re on week three of waiting for our handyman to finish up. So six weeks if our handyman decides to finish in the next few days. Hiring him was a huge mistake and we're paying in time for his speed and blunders. Home improvement lesson 17 is do your homework on hiring out and lesson 18 is be more specific in a contract. Hopefully we'll be able to paint and tile this week but we're not holding our breath anymore. I've been living and working in a construction zone and it's driving me nuts.


After demo:

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