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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bicycle Cemetery

Now that the outlet was up and running it was time to think of the perfect welding project! I had a burning fire within to get that electricity and gas flowing. We had a need for a mailbox but we did not want just an ordinary mailbox. It had to be kookie. On one fateful drive up to Flagstaff we found the holy grail of bicycle cemeteries.

In Rye, Arizona there is a rickety wooden sign that just says 'All Bikes.' Sounds right up our alley. The owner of the salvage yard looked like a greasy Santa Claus and smelled like the city dump. Well the dump actually smells better. Then and there Santa pulled out an old rusted steel bike frame and fork. This was quite the find as steel bikes are not prevalent anymore. I felt like I was at the north pole, searching for the elves, but it was 100 degrees out. I knew I had my mailbox stand.

A few degrees cooler and a few months later we pulled out the Lincoln and went at it. Steven, who has never welded kept turning around afraid something catastrophic was about to occur. The end product, THE MOST AMAZINGIST MAILBOX ON THE BLOCK! Yea, I know the neighbors are jealous!

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