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- Einstein -

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paint Aisle

Our paint of choice, well that is spray paint. It is smooth and shiny. Also, we do not have to buy brushes, meaning no brush marks. Only issue is fewer color choices. That is not to say we do not use other types of paint. Every trip to the home improvement store we seek out the 'messed up' paint shelf. This shelf has gallons and quarts of paints that were incorrectly mixed, not necessarily ugly paint, the color just does not work for the original requester.

Okay, back to the spray paint aisle. Usually near the end of a project we find out that we are just a few inches short of paint, so we race to the spray paint aisle. On a regular basis the color we need is sold out. Could be that we purchased all the paint in the hue the last time we visited the store.

Now we enter the paint aisle predicament. Drive to all the stores that sell that brand of paint. Be patient and go back in a few days (this one is totally not going to happen). OR find a way to incorporate an additional color. Fast forward to the last option. Steven and I usually agree on a second or third paint color but that is not before 'the look.' He looks at me like I am insane. Like why not just pick white or black? Why pick a totally random color? How does purple, bubble gum pink, and lime green go together? You just gave me that same look! Didn't you?! I promise it works. He agrees to purchase the paint. We go home and spray away. Then we notice at the end of the project, just before the sun goes down that the view we have is of a stately green Saguaro framed by the most beautiful Arizona sunset. Some how our project matches our scenic view.

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